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The school discipline system is based on the premise that there are consequences for actions. It is consistent and fair and trusts on the principles of natural justice. For the school community, to operate as a safe learning environment where all strive for personal excellence, it is important that clear boundaries are established. It is to sustain good actions and motivate for better behaviour and efforts.

Reprimands are in order to check undesired actions on the part of the wrong-doers and to deter other students from doing the same.

The following act and conduct on part of a student will amount to misconduct / indisciplined behaviour :

• Behaving in an unruly manner. 

• Unlawful and inappropriate behaviour. 

• Not abiding the school rules. 

• Misbehaviour towards teachers or any other staff of the school. 

• Disobeying lawful instructions of the school staff.

• Bullying or intimidating peers/others. 

• Absence from classes without permission of the Teacher/ Coordinator/ Principal.

• Eve teasing /Misbehaviour towards opposite gender .

• Damaging /Disfiguring School property. ( Bringing unauthorized articles to school. 

• Theft/pilferage of school/students’ Property. 

• Indulgence in immoral acts. 

The disciplinary measures adopted by the school in dealing with indisciplined students may range out of following steps as per the severity of the matter –

• Counselling & Warning.
• Withdraw of privileges /appointments. Written warning by Teacher, Coordinator and Principal.
• Suspension from school(As per the decision of Discipline Committee and approval of Principal).
• Rustication from School.